Peth Notes are complete!

Peth Notes RPG

…for now!

Reading over the game rules, the races, the religions, and the maps should give you a pretty decent idea of what kind of theme that we’re going for here. Peth is a world that is built vertically, with 4 elementally-themed tiers being the easiest way to divide the world up. The peoples exist in a tense but largely steady equilibrium between the never-ending army of evil Tar Men emerging beyond the ocean, and the ever-steady resources being shared throughout the world to maintain the army to fight them.

I don’t need to write too much here, it’s all in the link. Maybe now I can work on comics on my lunch break instead? v1.0

Peth Notes RPG

Well well kids, well well.

I was working on other projects with a headache, but I found the time to upgrade the menu so that everything stays grouped together. Check out the Peth notes, they are starting to look more and more complete. There is almost enough on there to play with, but that’ll take a few more day’s work and study.

Comment if you can, I want to see how that works. v0.4

Peth Notes RPG

Alrighty, now I have some maps and some rules up in here. I still have a lot of information to parse, but I think my graphic design education is already paying for itself. Check out the menu to get to the cool maps and the module rules for Peth. Comics are being cleaned up and hopefully up soon, to give this site the felchiness that it truly needs. v0.3

Peth Notes RPG

Still feeling it out here. Learning how to have the site navigable so that comics can be a thing. Over time I’ll have to shift things around so they remain organized. Right now there are some notes for a made-up Pathfinder module. Maps and more to come, super-neat stuff if you ask me.

Peth is a fictional world that I cooked up while discussing the game system of Pathfinder. I envisioned a world that was largely vertical, like a tower, and it was segregated by different air supply demands at each of 4 sections. If you want to see it click on the menu up top and you can read it.

Fun times, hopefully I can clean up some comics and get them on here soon!