T-shirts! Buttons! My artwork on your stuff!

My designs are available as T-shirts, mugs, totes, and stickers right here at Teepublic!

Those cicadas were a trip weren’t they?
Flex on your Gen-X and Boomer Daytonians with your El Greco’s gear, reminding them that you will never, ever taste that garlic dressing again.

Teepublic has not let me down in the time I have used them. Thanks for supporting your local artist, if you are indeed local.


For commissioned digital artwork and pixel art work, please see my commissions page. Commissions are currently OPEN.

I have limited slots for commissions. If you send in a request for a commission and they are already full, you may be put on a waitlist.


General questions? Want to give feedback or offer me some Wagyu?

Contact me at and I will listen, whatever the case may be.