Godrod Studios Legacy Gallery 2019-2020

Here is work that I completed from 2019 to 2020. Looking back, I can really see how far I have come! If you like what you see, and you want something made for yourself, check out my commissions page to make an order. If you’re just browsing on an idle night on the web, be sure to check out my more recent galleries as well!

Works from 2020

RIP Hugh Keays-Byrne, a true legend. I drew Toecutter from Mad Max 1st because (unlike Immortan Joe) you can see the man’s face. Pretty happy about this piece!
And here is Immortan Joe! I think these two pieces helped me define my style further, and I really pushed
into the hatching, the wild color choices, and a faux-graphic style.
Ness and Jeff in the Monkey Cave, from Earthbound (US)

Works from 2019

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