Shattering My Way Through the Calcified Shell of Artistic Stasis

An update to It’s real, it’s REAL!

Recently, I moved. For a long time I wanted to move back to my hometown, but the reality is that I cannot do that for now. You don’t always get what you want, but I still have what many do not: a home. A place that I have worked for a long time to get to, and now here I am, NEAR my hometown, in a place that I can mold into my own.

I have a new job, too. It feels very good to get into something bigger and better than before. My old gig was tech support for scientific equipment, and my new gig is marketing that same equipment.

So what have i learned in the last year?

  • Be happy for your own success. Expecting others to be happy for your success externalizes your happiness and it is self-defeating
  • Foster friends, relationships, and collaborators that care to put in time and effort with you.
  • Treating new challenges as opportunities is a growth mindset; conversely, be aware of when the challenges are growing too numerous or difficult to manage all at once and mitigate as soon as possible!

That’s all well and good, so what have I been working on?

Streaming on Twitch! Movie posters! T-shirts! Animations! And all of that good stuff that makes me feel happy. Before long I will push out another update to my galleries so you can see the best and brightest. I will have to restructure the galleries to reflect the new year, that annual chore that I love so dearly.

Keep your head up friends. Keep creating and thriving. Watch this space for more frequent updates and more better artwork!

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