Peth Rules

Allowed Player Classes

Peth has a limited class selection. The following core classes are common in Peth and are allowable for PC characters:






The following are bonus classes that are specific to Peth:

Sapper (tactical defensive bomber),

Geomancer (terraforming druid-type spellcaster),

WarPriest (cleric archtype, replaces cleric)

The following classes do not have a significant population in Peth and therefore are not suitable for player characters:

Cleric (use WarPriest), Druid (use Geomancer), Monk, Paladin, Sorcerer, Wizard

Player Subclasses

In addition to standard classes, each PC may also select a Sub-Class at level 1. The sub-class has no levels and it does not contribute to your character level. The sub-classes allow your characters to make special use of the crystals that serve as currency and ammunition on Peth; it is reccomended that a party select at least 2 of the 4 subclasses. You may skip taking a sub-class if you wish, but you cannot choose to take one until you level up


In Urath, the exchange rates for the crystals are as follows:

Crystal Type          Level         1              2              3              4              5

Earth                                       50           100         200       400          800   – common value

Fire                                         100         200         400       800          1600  – uncommon value

Water                                     100         200         400       800          1600   – uncommon value

Wind                                      200         400         800       1600        3200   – rare value

Crystals above level 5 may be possible, but they would have to be mythically rare indeed.

The exchange rates are different in each of the 4 sections of Peth.

Urath is a geographically diverse land that stretches from sea level to about 30 miles up. It contains deserts, forests, fortresses, cities, lakes, rivers, and a whole ecosystem within the entire length of Tower.

EXCHANGE RATES In Urath, Earth is common, fire and water are uncommon, and wind is rare.

Godpalm is a gigantic carved representation of a demon god sitting on a equally large throne, pockmarked with lava, stretching from 30 to 70 miles up.

EXCHANGE RATES In Godpalm, Fire is common, Earth and water are uncommon, and wind is rare.

Yusine is a verdant and magical land that thrives with flora and fauna, mounded on top of Godpalm in what would look like a gigantic broken bowl. It stretches from 70 to 130 miles up.

EXCHANGE RATES In Yusine, Water is common, Earth and Fire are uncommon, and Wind is rare.

Pillar is a stunning series of suspended cylinders, connected by chains of magical origin. Pillar stretches from 130miles to about 200 miles, where the atmosphere of Peth completely obscures whatever is above that.

EXCHANGE RATES In Pillar, Wind is common, Water and Fire are uncommon, and Earth is rare.