Custom Class: Warpriest

This Warpriest class is already existent in the Pathfinder universe, so I will provide a link:

This is the Warpriest!

In Peth, there is rarely the luxury of dedicating one’s self to their faith. The constant threat of the Tarmy and the fauna of Peth mean that even the pious are often trained for a life of constant conflict. As a result, Clerics are so rare as to be relegated to ‘rare NPC’ status; everyone else will have to play as this class if they want to be a cleric. Fortunately, this class is pretty awesome in it’s own right.

Humans are warpriests in the army; they are so well trained that there are entire regiments of nothing BUT warpriests if they anticipate fighting the undead and the like. Dwarves have few warpriests, but those that are resemble a classical cleric in their piety. Pilgrim Angel warpriests are serene and decisive, and they strike with incredible ferocity in battle. Half-dwarves do not take to the warpriest life too well, as they often lack patient and/or tolerant enough teachers. Halflings generally are not warpriests, though in a theoretical Halfling city some would be certain to exist. Coral Imps keep a large number of warpriests on hand to aid them in their never-ending war against the Tarmy.