52 Weeks, 52 drawings update

Here we are! I’ve been a busy boy. I made a fake Elden Ring boss for a contest, I scanned in and cleaned up a bunch of drawings, and I may just be able to keep that promise to myself. 52 drawings in 52 weeks? Just maybe.

I went through some of my more productive sketchbooks from years back, and those are turning out to be a good bit of fun. I have no compunction about getting into a half-completed drawing and finishing it off. There were tons of these pieces that were 80%, 90% completed. It’s extreme data-mining from my youth’s creativity, but a lot of it was pretty good so I inked them and ran!

Anywhayy, I’m just getting phelchy over here. I have nothing to post until later, although I will probably stream an ink job later. I know that I have a long way to go, so I forge ahead, through the thick foliage of 2019. Maybe a better artist is on the other side?

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