Peth Maps

Here is the footprint of the entire world of Peth. Urath is an Earth-aligned realm that has farmlands, port towns, deserts, and an ever-encroaching threat marching in from the sea. Pike is a medium pirate town. Mardia is a huge city with a standing army and lots of merchants and laborers. Sunhome is the agriculture capital of Peth. The line of Forts keep the ever-present Tar Warriors from getting close to the valuable ‘bowl’ of water that encircles the great tower.
This map gives a better idea as to what’s happening on the ‘tower’ portion of the map. Yes, it’s really 30mi tall; this about a third of the known world, so it’s actually pretty small. Believe it or not, there are tons of cultures and tunnels throughout the entirety of the tunnel, though it grows increasingly hazardous as one heads ‘true north’ (or upwards).


Here is an overview of some of the cultures and geographical features of Urath. This was a first draft, so some ‘facts’ here may not be what I finally end up with as the mythos, but I would say that a good 75% of it still stands.
This is Mardia, or Murdia, I haven’t decided yet. This is the largest town in Urath, but not in the whole of Perth (not that anyone here would care). Most creatures that are born in Urath die there, but there is enough variety for a full life. Note that grunt’s row marks the beginning of the ‘darkside’ of Peth, where there is less than 8 hours of sunlight a day; most expensive places to live are in the charm/flower districts.