February 2021


What’s in the pipeline for 2021? What little nuggets can I send your way? All I have to offer is words and pixels, at least until they are printed on a shirt or a mug or something. Oh speaking of that:

I have a TeePublic Storefront now! So now you can purchase my art, and a smallish portion of that will go to me!

I am still working on A Thousand Miles of Dust, although it has been slower. I need to do some of the less-fun aspects of it so I can playtest, like making real character sheets for cars.

Streaming is still going strong! Name change upcoming, should be slightly more professional and it will look slick too!

Thanks for reading, those who do. I’m small-time now but I keep working on those dreams. -Ben

Sexual Liquid

Updating Godrod.org

Coloring Cuisine, Stream News

The gallery has been updated with a nice selection of what I have done this year. There is a lot I have left out, but what is there should give you an idea of the growth that I have been going through as an artist and otherwise.

Due to technical limitations, I am not getting music on the stream yet. I will continue to practice as much as my left wrist will allow. I’m about 10 weeks out from surgery on the left wrist, about 5 months out from the right wrist. Having the use of my wrist is amazing! I can draw and play and cook and love and clap and climb and have confidence again. Yay!

Priorities for 2020: Now that I more confidence in what I am doing, I plan on selling certain designs on T-shirts. I want to see what they look like and how the return/payment options are before I commit to a certain vendor. Look out for those, I love wearing art, it can help justify the art as being ‘useful’ as clothing if the pragmatic part of your brain tends to do the driving.

Thanks for checking out godrod.org. We have fun here.

More Art More Faster

Chem Druids, dispensing their gifts.

HI everyone. Nice day to be stuck inside, as always.

I’ve been working hard on images for an RPG that I am working on, as well as some other projects which are bringing me a lot of joy. I’m trying to get better at daily output, something which will be incentivized by another exciting piece of news: I’m finally an affiliate over on my Twitch channel. That means that when I draw, people can support me financially to some small degree, so that’s a step in the right direction. Currently I am working on a few computer system upgrades so that I can make the stream as good as it possibly can be.

Lately I’m churning out drawings without even thinking about it. My right wrist is feeling good after 4 months, and my left is also recovering nicely at 6 weeks in.

Not taking a break – practicing!


I had a nice run of streaming some drawings for a week or so, and they were fun! Now it’s been a week of working on drawings that are not-so-stream-able. I will post some parts of them here, but not enough to scare away my many, many sponsors. I may make a whole webpage of the 80 or so sketchbook pages I have produced in the last week, but for now you get just the dribblin’s.

Most of the sketches are really fast, loose and sloppy, taking 5 minutes or so.

I drew red ninja woman/demon a few times. I have to draw nudes about 50 times and then I bust out the anatomy books.
You have to learn nudes before you do clothing. Also a great excuse to draw nudes.

What’s Happening at godrod.org?

Coloring Cuisine

Mm, yes, nothing like a well-oiled, frequently-updated website!

I have been out of the art game after a decent start in 2020, since my carpal tunnel syndrome had taken a turn for the worse. CTS is used as a joke so often these days that it may seem like I’m making a joke too, but no: I legitimately have been artistically incapacitated for months. Covid-19 afforded me a huge chunk of time to be alone and create, but that was not what happened. Thank goodness for the support and entertainment afforded by my wife and kid during the past 6 months!

Instead what I got was months of being stuck in my own head. I could not draw, or write, or play piano, or even play video games without constant, dull-to-intense pain in my wrists and fingers. CPT is like having a zip-tie pulled tight where you would wear a wristwatch. For me, it meant lots of compounding factors: Wrist pain, finger pain, random feelings of ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ or ‘electric shock’ in the fingertips, dropping things like pens, eating utensils, tools. Any exercise that would put pressure on my wrists or relied upon me holding myself up was out of the question; this cut out biking, pushups, pullups, or anything like throwing a frisbee or a ball.

In short, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sucks really badly. You never realize how much you use your hands until everything has a ‘pain cost’ associated with it. Once my wife noticed that I was complaining of pain a lot when I cracked her back, she encouraged me to do some exercise to improve my wrist strength. I did a few minutes of this exercise, which was essentially a push-up where you rocked back and forth, and the pain was absolutely excruciating. I tried to write on paper, and the results looked like that of an 80 year old; I was terrified.

Three years later, after an unsuccessful Workman’s Comp claim (apparently typing all day for years will NOT cause CTS according to the WC Doctor who denied my case), some pain management, and a few tests, I had surgery on my right wrist. The day after, I could wiggle my fingers, and even though I was still recovering, I could tell that IT HAD WORKED. The random pain blips were gone. I didn’t drop things. I could play piano and my fingers actually went were I told them to go. It was glorious.

That’s where I am today. That procedure was a month ago, and my hand is feeling better all the time. I still have to go easy on it for a while, so I will not be creating new work for another month or so. I already made things worse two weeks post-surgery by trying to practice piano for an hour a day; that lasted for 2 days until my hand got swollen again from overuse. Thus I am going to ‘take it easy’ with the knowledge that I will be back in front of a drawing desk or keyboard in prime condition.

I know there are few, if any, regular readers of godrod.org; after all, I have not been keeping up with the site very well. I will make an effort to change that. Having my hand back feels like a near-death experience with less of the mess. I thought my creative life was over, and I was worried it would lead to a spiral of bad thoughts that I would have difficulty recovering from. At this point though, I plan on adding more art as I make it, and possibly branching out into music and other creative pursuits. The surgery was a new lease on life and I plan on taking full advantage!

Thanks for reading. If your hands hurt, and you joke that you have CTS, remember that that joke may have some truth to it. Don’t be afraid to get it checked out like I did. See you again real soon!

Lots of New Art for 2020!

Coloring Cuisine

It’s 12:21am at night and I should be getting to sleep. But instead here are some updates for 2020. It’s good news!

I want 24 drawings by the end of March. I’m up to seven so far so let’s keep cracking away at it.

I’m streaming a lot more often now. It keeps me active and drawing when I otherwise would not. I’m hesitant to share plans because I never know if I am going to be able to follow through without making some considerable sacrifice, but I do have plans, or at least goals. Speaking of goals, here are some of the foods I want to draw to fill out those 17 drawings I have left to do (entries I have already drawn are in bold):

  • Guacamole
  • Baklava
  • Pizza
  • Sliced Brisket
  • Chili Mac
  • Enchiladas Platter
  • Coq Au Vin
  • Pork Loin Sandwich (Iowa Skinnies)
  • New Orleans BBQ Shrimp
  • Citrus
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • French Toast
  • Eggs (served lots of ways)
  • Chicken Stock
  • Saag Paneer w/ Naan and Chuts
  • Omelettes
  • Ice Cream
  • Sushi

Immediate Goal: Make a coloring book made of these cuisine pages. I’ll take my high-res scans and make a foodie coloring book; sounds great! Putting that college to good use.

Distant stretch goal: I want to make some videos that speed up the art process like a time-lapse. I have lots of footage now but speeding things up and putting a song to it will be seen by more people in my reckoning.

More Distant Stretch Goal: Make some videos that talk about an aspect of art or of composition. For example, just spend one episode talking about the visual window or implied diagonal, and go through how the concepts are applied.

52 Weeks, 52 drawings update


Here we are! I’ve been a busy boy. I made a fake Elden Ring boss for a contest, I scanned in and cleaned up a bunch of drawings, and I may just be able to keep that promise to myself. 52 drawings in 52 weeks? Just maybe.

I went through some of my more productive sketchbooks from years back, and those are turning out to be a good bit of fun. I have no compunction about getting into a half-completed drawing and finishing it off. There were tons of these pieces that were 80%, 90% completed. It’s extreme data-mining from my youth’s creativity, but a lot of it was pretty good so I inked them and ran!

Anywhayy, I’m just getting phelchy over here. I have nothing to post until later, although I will probably stream an ink job later. I know that I have a long way to go, so I forge ahead, through the thick foliage of 2019. Maybe a better artist is on the other side?

52 Weeks, 52 Drawings


At the start of this year I said I would draw 52 drawings. This is despite some unfortunate wrist pain, a 4-year old, and an erratic work ethic. It was my choice and I made it. Now the field looks different: Have I over-promised? Overestimated? Only me can find out.

I’m sure to some, 52 drawings would be considered paltry output. I think of comic book artists and what they must have to go through to finish anything, and that adds up to hundreds and hundreds of drawings a year. That’s a lot, but it’s also what they do for a living so I can cut myself a little slack there.

But you have to start somewhere, and there is nothing to spur creativity like limitations! I imagine that what I consider to be a “drawing” will be stretched to the limit by December 31st, 2020. My standards are pretty simple, so I could always spit out a few quick sketches when the deadline looms, I suppose. I don’t draw as regular as I should, and my art schedule is as regular as I am. I didn’t do “Inktober” because that’s too corporate. I write that but frankly, if I’m anywhere close to 52 drawings by the end of the year then I will start counting rooms I’ve painted as a ‘drawing’ to pad the count.

I’ll post more as I photograph them. If I get to 52 then I will throw a party to everyone that reads this and can make it down.

The Game Sadist: Metal Gear Solid Series and the Unwilling Informant Mode

The Game Sadist

Metal Gear Solid is one of those games that’s baked into my skull.  I played it not long after its release on the PS1 and I loved every second of it as a teenager and there you have it. It is a game of sneaking around and getting into things without being caught, and when you did get caught it was a  matter of finding a good hiding spot. It was well-researched*, exhaustively lengthy in its exposition, and full of tiny details that you as a player could exploit. It’s not as good as it thinks it is, sadly, but that’s only because it takes itself a little seriously at times; that being said it was cleverly crafted experience that set a high personal bar for what games could be.

The sequel, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, was eagerly anticipated. Being the patient (not to mention perpetually poor) gamer I was, I had to wait and  learn second-hand of the storyline’s major twist via magazine reviews. Eventually I did have a chance. I did not have a console at the time, but I was willing to snatch up a copy of the Substance version of the title for the Xbox and play it at my friend Tony’s place. Let me tell you, MGS2 is a multiplayer game if you have good friends who are willing to test the limits of what it had to offer.

The uproarious laughter was our constant companion. We fought our way through the Tanker, testing the limits of the game engine. Crawling along just out of enemy view, taking out enemy radios, testing out the roll-jump to see what we could get away with. Aiming in the first person mode was a first in the series, and with it you could do a lot of fancy tricks, like dick shots! You can shoot hundreds of dicks in MGS2, and each one is more satisfying than the last, so if you haven’t played it you’re kind of in for a treat.

Oh boy could you fuck with some guards in MGS2.

So the guards in MGS2 are patrolmen, usually moderately well-armed and generally observant of their immediate (and I mean immediate) vicinity.  If they see you, or if you injure one, they will call for backup. Backup comes in the form of well-armed shock troops who will absolutely ruin you, so the mechanics are certainly pushing you towards remaining undetected in the first place. Tony figured out that we could shoot the radios with a silenced weapon and the patrolman(somewhat bewilderingly) would not notice. We would then assure that no other patrols were on the scene, and pop out in front of the dude and hold him up.

The guy freezes, holds his hands up. So he can’t shoot me back, I take a shot into his gun arm (like a total dick). I let down my guard and he runs away, newly shattered wrist limp at his side. I walk up behind him, not willing to let him get too far. He crouches down, panicking, and reaches behind him to grab his radio. He attempts to use it and then, as the horror started to creep into his gut, he shakes the radio, furious at the universe for taking his last salvation away. He vocalizes the flavor of that failure:

“It’s broken.”

Then I fill ’em full of darts! Having whipped out my dart gun filled with Benadryl, I start shooting darts at his crotch. It turns out testicle shots force a sleepytime state instantly, so there sits this dude, scared out of his fucking mind, hand probably ruined for life, slumped in the corner of a boiler room with little letter Z’s floating over his head. Mission Accomplished!

OK, so we realized that we had to see what would happen if we were to have more than one charge at a time. Certainly if there were two incapacitated guards, they would try to help one another? When we played as Raiden later (spoiler alert!) we tried it out. This time we busted out 3 radios, then we took out both hands and one foot each with a pistol, leaving us with 3 disabled guards on the first deck of some strut out in the ocean, all asleep so we could process them more efficiently. Two of them woke up, and wouldn’t you know it, they really are just trying to get the hell away from you at that point. They would drag their sorry skinbags across the room, and once they each individually realized that help was not on the way, they broke for the door. It broke our hearts that all we could really do was knock them over time and again; all we really wanted was for them to notice each other, that in this dark time they still had each other. At the conclusion of our unrequited workshop, they took their broken bodies and stumbled to the nearest exit. Ok, so this part was more sad than fun but it gave us an idea:

Metal Gear Solid 2: Unwilling Informant Mode
Step 1: Capture the Informant!

The first guard you CAN capture, you DO capture. Sometimes you have to make exceptions but for most of the game this is viable. 

What does capture mean? Capturing means you shoot the radio, gun arm, and a leg of the first patrolman you can get to in an area. You can knock him out if you want to but you are not allowed to put him to sleep if you don’t absolutely have to. Remember, sleeping men just sleep away the intel!

Step 2: Protect the Unwilling Informant!

Now, the unwilling informant is going to try and get away because he’s chock-full of  juicy information and he wants it all for himself. He will usually run for the nearest way out of the current map. Your goal in every stage is to keep him alive and away from the entrance that you came into! You know that he’s the informant because he was closest to the entrance, which is exactly where anyone would expect the informant to be.

Step 3: Get the Unwilling Informant to the Exit!

He’s always going to want to go to the one nearest to the entrance, but that is not his fate. No, you sir are going to get the UI to the exit, which means clearing a path (so he doesn’t get caught in the crossfire while you get shot at) and oftentimes corralling him to said exit. This is sometimes a perilous task. It will sometimes require shooting guards or disabling them, which is usually a much more intensive task than simply sneaking by them. You may have to spend more time doing holdups to get enough ammo to finish the Unwilling Informant Mode, but it will be worth it to have the satisfaction of getting the UI to the exit. Once the guard is close enough to the ‘drop zone’, your UI should hobble to the exit. If not, knock him out and drag him to the exit yourself, and take pride in your forever uncredited accomplishment.

Step 4: Shoot the Unwilling Informant in the Dick