Frungus’ Quintessential Magic

A spicy, musty smell fills your nose as you enter the well-crafted squat oval door. You are in a cozy ‘storefront’ that has an array of weaponry and magical items atop several display shelves. A pile of violet and gray rags sitting in a large chair appears to shift as if sitting up after sagging in it’s seat, and a heavily draped arm pushes back the brim of a hat that reveals only shadows… until large, yellow-green eyes open and stare at you. Frungus sits at the back corner, eerily smiling at you under a hood far too large for it’s head. A slight figure, you cannot quite make out the sex or race of this piercing set of eyeballs under heavy clothing.

Magic Items (one of each only unless otherwise specified)

  • +1 Longspear (2310)
  • +1 Shortbow (2300)
  • Ring of Climbing (2500)
  • Ring of Protection +1 (2000)
  • Potion of Crawling Taint (50) (This potion has a “1/2 off!” sign hung over it)
  • Potion of Insight (300)