The Story So Far

09.24.2017 w/ Kyle, Zack, and Pat

Copper Coopington (Coral Imp Sapper/Transmuter Lvl2), Shaira  (Pilgrim Angel Warpriest/Explorer Lvl2), and Dol’grum Irongut (Irondwarf Fighter/Quartermaster Lvl2)

Jombo J Gizjuzzler, a large, friendly Longdwarf, has taken on hands to sail a load of goods to Murdia. On the ship were our adventerers, lured by the promise of money and free travel. During the night on one of the last legs of the journey, a mutinous section of the crew took up arms and attempted to kill Jombo as he slept. The adventurers assisted Jombo with fending off the mutiny, and they were given some special duties when the fell ashore the next day.

Upon defeating a mutiny at sea, Shaira and Copper (aka K’arl aka Karly Coppeia) are asked a special request of Captain Jombo J Gizjuzzler. They are to deliver a package to Trang Snegnellicus’ villa and get it signed for, personally. He promised a large purse for the successful delivery of the package. Once out of sight of Jombo, the Copper attempted to open the package, damaging all 3 seals placed upon it. Deciding that they may still get partial payment from the opened package, they decided to deliver it anyway. The duo set out to perform their task, only to be stopped at the large gates to the Flower district. Deciding to call it a night, the duo then found themselves in many shenanigans within the town of Murdia. Their partially drunken, partially tired state found them in a trash can overnight.

The next day, Jombo J Gizzjuzzler sent Dol’grum Irongut (a third ally in the attempted mutiny in his ship) to find the missing Shaira and K’arl. Dol’grum found himself at a busy fair, where he spent some of his hard-earned cash on rare sundries to raise his spirits. It was not long before he stumbled upon the Imp and the Pilgrim. The group remembered each other from the night of the mutiny and decided make the delivery.

The gates were open because it was daytime. The 3 couriers were able to walk right up to Treng Snegnellicus’ front door, where they were told that they could see Treng, but they would have to go inside themselves.

After creeping through an entranceway, the party found a short sword, some rope, and a slotted dagger in a bag by a statue. They entered the front hall and marveled at the large pool within that contained a nude silver woman.

They encountered several opponents within, one claiming to be Treng and attacking the party. They were all dressed in the same, dark leather armor with red crisscross patterns of slashmarks and dots in patterns of 4. One was a Coral Imp in the dining hall, two were a dwarf and a human woman that were half-clothed from some lvl2 coitus. The Coral Imp claimed that he was Treng once his name was mentioned. (“Are you Treng Snegnellicus?”), but was killed. The other two opponents were also killed. In the remains were a ring, a key, and assorted crystals.

They entered the library, where they discovered a mangled corpse. A magical bookshelf came to life and began attacking. Even as Dol’grum scrambled atop the bookshelf and started bashing away with his hammer, the shelf smashed Copper and Shaira into unconciousness.

Once the bookshelf had been reduced to scrap, it dissolved into ashes, leaving behind a note with a ribbon tied around it, a second key, and a potion. The party decided to rest for the night, so they headed to the bedroom where they fought the dwarf and human earlier.